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The 2017 Energy Innovation Co-op AGM was held Sunday 26th November at the State Coal Mine in Wonthaggi.

There was lots of good news to report, including:

1.An update on our funded "Old Energy-New Energy" project (Stages 1&2). The funding agreement with DELWP is signed, John Coulter has been appointed Project Development Officer (part-time) and negotiations are underway for the installation. John stepped down from the board to take up the advertised position. 

2. The Co-op is now a Registered Environmental Organisation with deductible gift recipient status, and a registered Charity. So all that work of voting for the rule change which happened before and during last year's AGM has paid off. Thanks to everyone who participated and assisted. We have a Management Committee for our Public Fund now operating.

3. The first significant donation to the Southern CORE Fund (a component of our Public Fund) has been received from the Victorian branch of the Electrical Trades Union, which promotes and facilitates the development of renewable energy as well as supporting a wide range of community organisations.

This donation of $20,000 enabled the Southern CORE fund to make its first no interest loan to Foster Community Pool Association, allowing them to complete their planned solar water heating project before this Summer season ! And it inspired a further significant donation from a generous local who wishes to remain anonymous. The Southern CORE Fund is up and working !

A further $5,000 grant from the ETU Vic is being held as matching funding towards a new funding application to allow the Co-op to undertake essential planning for further stages of the Old Energy-New Energy Project.

4.  Graeme Watson, whose initial participation in things "Energy Innovation" began with the Wonthaggi Energy Innovation Festival which preceded the Co-op's formation, has now joined the board as an elected Director. He is a former linesman on the old SEC, a proud unionist, and a long term member and Treasurer of the ETU Vic. His financial and governance experience as well as knowledge of the electricity industry will add to the already significant range of skills present within the board

Reports etc will be posted soon !

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