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Small wind turbines, demonstration site

Small wind generation is still problematic. How do you choose a good turbine? How high should the tower be? What makes a good site?  It’s too high risk for one farmer to take on. The Co-op would like to establish its own 5-20 kW wind turbine, to generate power, generate income for the Co-op’s community activities, and to provide a demonstration site which can, if successful, encourage others to build their own. 

Careful planning and site assessments of multiple sites need to happen first.

Electric Farm vehicle conversion

The team that built and gained Vic Roads approval for the Grow Lightly electric van, wants to convert a tractor, a 4 wheeler and/ or a Gator. We  have a local whose already done a couple of these vehicles. We think that for farmers who can put banks of solar PV on their sheds, and maybe wind turbines in their paddocks, running electric farm vehicles makes a lot of sense. We have the team. They have the skills and enthusiasm. We need some start-up capital, and 5 likely buyers to start the production line happening.

Deployable renewable power unit: already done.

Next step- Desert Water Purification !

One of our members converted a van to run on vegetable oil and  travelled twice from Victoria to, and across, the Northern Territory and WA and all places in between. He purchased a second-hand CFA truck to convert into a mobile power unit, initially aiming to run clean power, a freezer and other services at sustainability festivals and music festivals wherever they occur, thereby eliminating the need for noisy, smelly diesel generators. Instead, it turned into a vege-oil fueled camping vehicle, with its own on-board solar and batteries to run the fridge, lights and accessories.

Now he's working in the desert installing and maintaining dialisis machines in remote communities. Did you know a lot of the kidney failure and chronic disease in remote Aboriginal and other communities is caused by high nitrate levels in the bore water they drink? So he wants to show people how to purify their own clean water with cheap reverse osmosis desalination units.


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