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An article in today's (4 April) Guardian says that airborne mercury pollution from coal-fired power stations in Victoria’s Latrobe valley increased 37% in just 12 months, according to an annual nat

The 2017 Community Energy Congress was held in Melbourne on 27th & 28th Feb.

Do you have questions about LED Lighting?  For an introductory article about some of the terminology and things to look out for click

The Energy Innovation Co-op is participating with others in the Victorian Community Solar Alliance, lobbying for both positive government action to support community owned solar projects, and to re

This document provides an actual example of local solar production in Inverloch.  It covers a 16-month period centered on the solar minimum of June 2014.  A year-by-year comparison document is also

This more detailed item has the strengths and weaknesses of the different models, as well as points of interest.

The focus of the AGM on 15th Nov. is Community Energy. Keynote speaker is Chandra Sundareswaran, from Moreland Energy Foundation.

Vertical axis wind turbine

For an update on the failure of this turbine

As of November 2014, the EICo-op has a new Chair, Maddy Harford from West Creek. Maddy was appointed and then elected to the board in 2013.

Ever wondered what you’d do if you had plenty of flowing water year-round? Power your home, of course!

 The Federal Labor Govt has made the decision to keep Australia’s renewable energy target.

The Co-Op finalised and acquitted its Sustainability Victoria Solar Hub grant in September 2012.  All targets an

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Ours is a relatively new Co-operative, established with the goals of facilitating and promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy, and in the longer term helping our communities move "towards