September 2014 Newsletter

From the editor’s desk...
Welcome to a special edition of the Energy Innovation Co-op’s newsletter—one purely focussed on community energy.
In particular, this newsletter is dedicated to a number of reports from the inaugural 2014 Community Energy Congress, organised by the Coalition for Community Energy (C4CE). The conference was held in Canberra in the middle of June
2014.  (At least) eight excited and passionate individuals from across
Gippsland were in attendance and a collection of some learnings gained are contained in the reports presented in this
newsletter.  Presentations and information from the Congress available on  the C4CE Congress Harvest website.
The topic at our planned AGM on 15th Nov will also be Community Energy.

Page 1 Congress Overview
Page 3 Load Duration Curves
Page 4 Community Energy Models
Page 6 Energy Markets and Rules
Page 8 Virtual Net Metering
Page 8 The Death Spiral Explained
Page 10 Battery Storage
Page 11 About the Energy
Page 12 Sustainability Services
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