Community Owned Renewable Energy

Roof MountThe Energy Innovation Co-operative has been engaged in a long effort to build the capacity to develop and deliver community owned renewable energy projects (CORE) into our region. In the last two years we have:

1.  Changed the rules of the Co-op to comply with the requirements of a tax deductible gift recipient status organisation (Registered Environmental Organisation) and then applied for this status, which would allow the Co-op to offer tax deductions to donors wishing to support CORE projects.

2. Launched the SouthernCORE Fund, which will take and use donations and other funding achieved to support community groups wishing to put solar PV on their community buildings, saving hard earned funds to be used for the benefit of the community.

3. Been participating with six other groups as part of the Victorian Community Solar Alliance on a project which will:

a/ Provide templates of the common legal agreements needed to establish CORE projects

b/ Provide a new interactive website which will enable the Co-op to manage investment-model CORE projects, where private individuals can invest in solar PV on business and community premises, and earn interest on that investment. All projects will entail a community benefit component as well.

4. Applied for funding from the Victorian government's New Energy Jobs Fund to establish the "Old Energy New Energy" project at the State Coal Mine Wonthaggi. This project aims to:

a/ Install 86 kW of solar PV onto the State Coal Mine site at Wonthaggi. This will add to the environmental sustainability of the mine site, plus stablish an initial demonstration model of partnership between Energy Innovation Co-op and Parks Victoria to install solar on Parks sites.

b/ Income generated through the sale of green power to Parks Vic will provide income to the Southern CORE fund mentioned above.


Photo: Our 2012 solar hot water partner Tim Eberbach with Adrian Edwards and the solar hot water system Adrian set up on the amenities block at the Big 4 Holiday Park in Inverloch. Two 400 litre storage tanks are heated with 3 roof panels each, backed up by a 32 litre/min. gas booster- meaning visitors never run out of hot water!